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We use the Frog Street Press curriculum, as our base for our reading, phonics, math, science and Spanish immersion programs. In addition to using Frog Street, all classes incorporate learn through play methods within lessons. Our wonderful teachers work with the individual child at their own pace and comfort level so that they finish each year with milestones achieved. 

The Frog Street Curriculum is a comprehensive, research-based program that integrates instruction across developmental domains and early learning disciplines. Developmental experiences stimulate auditory, visual, kinesthetic, and tactile learning. Units of study are theme-based and encourage both the child’s natural curiosity and ability.

Skills developed but are not limited to:

Social & Emotional, Speech & Language, Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Discovery & Exploration, Self-Help, Creativity. 


Click here to read more about Frog Street Press curriculum.

Sleeping Baby


Age: 6 weeks - 15 months

Class Size: 8 Students | 1:4 

Our infant program provides an environment with a variety of experiences to meet your child’s rapidly developing skills. We provide our infants with opportunities to enjoy, explore, and learn by touching, hearing, seeing, and grasping many exciting new concepts.



Age: 16 months - 23 months

Class Size:10 Students | State Ratio: 1:5

The toddler room is equipped with organized learning centers that stimulate their minds. Language and gross motor development begin to surface at this time and our environment sets the tone. Music, art, and sensory are just some of the fun-filled activities offered daily both inside and outside of the classroom.

Boy Doodling

Preschool 2

Age: 24 months - 3 years

Class Size:12 Students | State Ratio: 1:8

Our two-year-old room provides students with a variety of activities to help stimulate their independence, language, social, gross motor, fine motor, and cognitive skills. Activities such as music, painting, reading, and exploring, are just a few events that are offered to the students daily. Individual potty-training support is given to all our students when developmentally ready. 

Mixed Race Down Syndrome Class

Preschool 3

Age: 3 years - 4 years

Class Size: 15 Students| State Ratio: 1:10 

These students take part in more structured activities such as formal circle time, small group instruction and more. Using games and activities, children are encouraged to explore and discover, which helps them develop critical thinking skills and other essential concepts. In addition to fostering the curiosity that three-year-old’s have, teachers, provide activities with cause and effect relationships, problem-solving, vocabulary and much more.

African American Kids Dancing


Age: 4 years - 5 years

Class Size: 20 Students | State Ratio:1:10 

Pre-Kindergarten is a time when children are making connections between what they know and what they are learning in a more structured environment. This classroom is designed to help your child make significant developmental strides, communicate more successfully, and work well both independently and in group situations. Most of their learning will be hands-on fun and interaction.  This will surround all facets of the curriculum that include reading, science, math, social studies, and science.  Children will engage in pre-writing and reading skills which will teach them to interact with others as we continue to build on social-emotional skills.

Children in School Bus


School Age Program

Age: Kindergarten-5th Grade

Class Size: 18 Students | 2 Teachers

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